Ship and C.R.E.W

Our Founder

Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak

Born in 1921 Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak graduated from the British Royal Navy in 1946 as Lieutenant. That year he went on a mission with the British fleet in the Mediterranean as a Royal Navy Officer, and then he joined the Egyptian Royal Navy. During his time in the navy he served as the undersecretary of the Shooting Club in Alexandria and was known to be a champion in sailing and clay pigeon shooting.

1948 Lieutenant El Sammak got married to Ms. Shokreya Moustafa Guemee. He had a major accident in the navy in his knee in 1949, which took him years and many operations in Egypt and London; fortunately his knee was saved but it never fully recovered.

His injury lead him to have a shift in his career in the navy; He was the first to take a managerial position in the navy in which he served as head of management and administration for twelve years.

Throughout many years of dedicated work he armed himself with knowledge in the maritime Field and a large network of relations.

He retired from the navy with a prestigious rank “Admiral”. From 1953 until 1957 he became Egypt’s Military Attaché in Pakistan (non-allied countries), where he encountered many world leaders.
He had his only son born in 1968.

He then worked as the undersecretary of the ministry of transport and the general Director of ports and lighthouses from 1971 until 1973.
He believed in education so he was one of the Founders of the Arab Academy of Science and Technology and Maritime Transport at the time of its foundation representing the government of Egypt.From 1980 until 1981 he worked as the chairman of the Pan-Arab Company for Maritime Transport and retired in 1981 at the age of 60. 1982, he convinced the French Group Worms Services Maritimes to co-invest in Egypt; He founded and directed Worms Alexandria cargo services
until 2000.

He helped found the Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association representing freight forwarders of Egypt and the international FIATA.

He was the founder and first head of the transport committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AMCHAM) and transport committee of ABA. He also founded the Egyptian Seamen Club representing the Government of Egypt.

Admiral Mahmoud El-Sammak was the role model and the backbone of his son Eng. Marwan El-Sammak throughout his career path.

In 1993, based on the ambition of Eng. Marwan, Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak started funding a joint stock company specialized in Container services.

Within its 3rd decade, Ship and C.R.E.W. has become one of the leading companies specialized in Port Operations, Container services and Transportation with a distinctive added value to the Egyptian market providing a unique level of service.

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