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marwanelsammmakIn order to understand the present and address our future, we need to know our history; we need to recall the path which brought us here. We must be aware of changing circumstances, and aware of our responsibility to facilitate change.

To facilitate change we need to think laterally, to think how a transport and port operations company could benefit Egypt and make significant contributions to the overall performance of its ports and transport networks to enable the Egyptian economy to become more competitive and dynamic.

Since our early years, we have been focusing on delivering value added services to our clients, in no other time has this been more important than today.
Given the current political and economic challenges, our delivery of fast, secure, reliable, and high quality services answers to the most compelling market needs.

The expectations of ship owners and traders are ever more growing in complexity and scope, and as port operation services and transport are integrated into the supply chain we need to arm ourselves with experience and knowledge, this is the cornerstone that empowers us to continue delivering value to our customers. Our belief is that knowledge is the only competitive advantage we can build upon and gain market trust and confidence.

Our growth is built on a foundation of trust and partnership. We strive to continue on the path of building capacity, alliances and partnerships to deliver and facilitate the logistics in the market we operate in.

sidebar-1The trust and confidence that our customers, employees, suppliers and society have in us is a great responsibility and honor that motivates us to excel and continue building and strengthening this trust.

Our strategies are put in place and our energy is directed towards the future. We see our role as pivotal in the maritime transport sector. A role that depends on creating efficiencies in all areas of the port operations, transportation and container service that allows our partners to logistically plan and execute their operations more effectively, allowing them to have better control over their costs and delivery.

With two decades of accomplishments and achievements built on a stable foundation around knowledge and expertise acquired over the years coupled with high caliber associates, the future looks bright….