Catalouge_sep_2-9Ship and C.R.E.W Transport division is one of the most reputable in Egypt.  We are serving our customers from all Egyptian ports to all inland destinations. Our geographical coverage is second to none.
Ship and crew delivers integrated container transport logistics service that enables satisfaction of all our customers’ needs.

Our systems ensure that containers are transported in a timely and cost effective manner. Ship and crew provides transportation for dry, reefer and tank containers.

Ship and crew manages an owned, unified, top brand trucking fleet with twist-lock equipped trailers.

Drivers are well chosen and trained on simulators and defensive driving techniques.

Transportation is an ever evolving division that caught the attention of many customers due to its strong organization, tailored systems, agile and proactive solutions.

Our target is to always fulfill the needs of our clients and cover the demand of the market.

Our management structure is high on entrepreneurial drive and flair. At our existing operating locations we have employed innovative technologies, transport planning, tracking and tracing, this made us capable of providing unmatched service, that is secure, safe and going an extra mile for our customers.

We at Ship & C.R.E.W. are sparing no effort to leap in preparing ourselves to fuse technology and operations to deliver superior competitive services.
We believe having the right people in the right position is essential. Our commitment to invest in the development of our people will continue into the future. With this already established, we will be able to continue to provide our customers with unmatched level of service.