Port Operations


Productivity for general cargo?

1000: 3000 MT a day

Does Ship & C.R.E.W discharge bulk cargo?


Does Ship & C.R.E.W have sheltered warehouse?


What ports is Ship & C.R.E.W operating in?

Alexandria, Dekhila ,Abo Qir, Damietta and Suez


Two days a year

How many yards does Ship & C.R.E.W manage, and where are they located?

15000 m2 at Alexandria Port

Does Ship & C.R.E.W have a safety working procedure ?

Yes, and available when needed.

Does Ship & C.R.E.W provide Sea Freight?


Does Ship & C.R.E.W provide chartering?


Can Ship & C.R.E.W provides customs clearance?

Yes, through third party

Does Ship& C.R.E.W lashing activity occur at the ports or at sites?

It occurs anywhere at the ports or sites, also it’s provided.

Does Ship & C.R.E.W provide General Cargo transportation?


What is the PCCS discharging rate /hour?

120 : 220 according to customer requirements