Our Policy

“Humans and property are invaluable”

We envision Ship & C.R.E.W as a leading regional organization providing diversified port operations services and international trade supply chain solution in a manner that maximizes growth and provides added value to our partners and their success.

We depend upon the continuous improvement of our human capital and business systems as key elements to cope with the local and international requirements and challenges.

We, at Ship & C.R.E.W, are committed to implement and maintain a quality, health, safety, security and environmental management systems to ensure that our services are in compliance with applicable legislation and meet the standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001and ISO45001 by:

1 Achieving compliance with regulators and legislators and any adopted requirements to help develop quality, health, safety, security and environmental programs in order to enhance our services and profitability.

2 Meeting or exceeding internal and external customer requirements to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of needs and expectation.

3 Implementing corrective actions based on past events seeking out and use good practices to Eliminate Hazardous and minimize risks.

4 Providing quality, safety and environmental awareness handbooks and sessions to all company employees and new comers and ensure their participation and consultation in HSE Decision.

5 Ensuring safe working environment with properly implemented work instructions, markings and arrangements..

6 Performing frequent staff training for optimum execution of safety & environmental work instructions..

7 Providing adequate training to increase our staff awareness and performance as we believe that, the strength of our company lies in the commitment of our workforce.

8 Total protection of environmental factors and work to prevent pollution of air, soil and water.

9 Accepting our responsibility for implementing safe working conditions and environmental protection measures. To prevent injuries, health disorders, diseases, occupational diseases and accidents.

10 Regular searching for new techniques and their application to prevent any kind of pollution trial

11 Setting the objectives and targets corresponding to each department with regular monitoring of achievements with providing all resources to achieve these objectives.

12 Define the related Internal/ External issues which affect achievement of objectives and satisfy the needs of interested parties.

13 Inspecting our management systems and policy to ensure their suitability, adequacy and effectiveness in our dynamic organization.

14 Prohibiting all forms of bribery whether they take place directly or through third parties to obtain advantage in business transactions.

15 Considering that facilitation payments are bribes which have to be identified, monitored and eliminated.

16 Ensuring that charitable contributions and sponsorships are not used as a hidden bribery and it is always publicly disclosed.

17 Prohibiting the offer or receipt of gifts, hospitality or expenses whenever they could affect the outcome of business transactions.