Container Service


Containerization has brought about new structures and systems to the port service Industry. As container trade is increasing, the demand for reliable container services is ever growing.

From our strategic location inside port of Alexandria we are able to offer customers economical and effective services, minimizing logistical and transportation costs. The port depot and repair workshop are well constructed with solid infrastructure and capacity to provide integrated container services.

Cntainer-ServiceWe take pride in providing our subtle services with accurate technical capabilities and high quality, through which we acquired our superior reputation in the market. We work hard to satisfy our current customers and we are looking forward to reach new clients and different markets.

Ship & C.R.E.W. has a special reefer service unit that consists of experienced engineers and well trained technicians covering all Egyptian ports. Our engineers are certified from major reefer machinery makers. The company holds a sufficient inventory of reefer spare parts. Ship and crew embraces all new technology in this field.

Ship & C.R.E.W. pioneered the tank container services in Egypt; currently we provide cleaning, repairing, testing, handling and inland transportation. Throughout all these services ship and crew is up to its environmental responsibility.

Ship & C.R.E.W. manages to meet all customer requirements and achieve international quality under the safe and clean environment standards. Our commitment has allowed us to be considered by many shipping lines and leasing companies as their trusted partner in Egypt.