Container Service


Does your reefer services cover major Egyptians ports?

Yes, we perform the PTI and M&R for reefer in all major Egyptian ports (Alexandria, Port Said, SCCT and Damietta).

Is Ship&C.R.E.W an authorized service center for reefer manufactures?

Yes, Ship&C.R.E.W is a dealer for ThermoKing and provides warranty services for all manufacture TK reefers for all Shipping Lines.

Does your Ship&C.R.E.W have sufficient spare parts available?

Yes, we have many external sources for obtaining the needed spare parts for all reefer types including internal and international sources.

Also we have direct communications with all reefer manufacturers and many famous electronic repair service centers.

Does Ship&C.R.E.W have reefer repair/service manual available?

Yes, all reefer types manuals including service, repair and spare parts are available.

Does Ship&C.R.E.W provide timely inspection and repair service for reefer?

Yes, Ship&C.R.E.W provides 24/7 reefer services.

Does Ship&C.R.E.W have a special precaution regarding tank cleaning services?

Yes, MSDS should be provided prior the entry of any tanks to Ship&C.R.E.W depot.
MSDS carefully review and should be accepted before the entry of the tank to the depot.

Is Ship&C.R.E.W Quality/Environmental Management System certified by a third party?

ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

Is Ship&C.R.E.W working in accordance with a Quality Management System and Environmental Management System?

“Port Operations Scope includes Stevedoring for both Alexandria & Damietta Ports, Container Services including (Tank Cleaning, Safe-Keeping, Maintenance & Repair), Container Transport, and Heavy Equipment Rental”

Does Ship&C.R.E.W ensure that its facility complies with ISPS?

Yes, our facilities comply with ISPS.

Does Ship&C.R.E.W ensure that areas around storage facilities are protected and monitored to prohibit unauthorized personnel gaining access?

Yes, we do.

Does Ship&C.R.E.W visually inspect empty containers?

Yes, we do.

Does Ship&C.R.E.W have special procedures in place for handling of DZ/HAMZAT and special cargo materials?

Yes, we have special procedures.

In many ports in Egypt does Ship&C.R.E.W have storage facilities? Please mention the port names

For the time being, we have only Alexandria Old Port. We are still studying investment in other ports or to do dry ports in many areas close to other ports.